Connect & Collect

Connect your IoT or enterprises sources into the application


Deep dive into your data to identify patterns


Internalize your knowledge by making your machine talk

Share & Act

Socialize and share within the community

Connect any source of data

Because every data could be meaningful

ProductInUse is a polyglot application able to connect to many data sources. Combine data from your enterprise data silos (CRM, ERP) with IOT data in one application.

Diagnose the machine usage

Benefits from our unique analytics dedicated to industrial contexts

We have developed unique visualizations of your time series helping you understand remarkable patterns happening during the lifetime of your machines.

Make the machines talk

Let them become the voice of your services

Enter the Studio, the digital service factory. Clean, transform and combine the data coming from your machine to create its own language.  Enable the machine to use this language to post in the community and propose new services.

Interact within the community of performance

Create collective intelligence with social interaction between people and machine

By providing them the most innovative social features, your users will be able to interact with each other, but also with the machines as they’re part of this community.